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Durable and easy-to-maintain WALA-Floor floor slabs are a stylish and long-lasting flooring solution for a wide range of applications.

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We have nearly 20 years of experience in designing, delivering, and installing flooring for ships.

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Cancotronic Oy

Cancotronic Oy was founded in 1998 and is based in Marttila. The company’s clientele consists of operators in the ship industry, construction firms, and corporate and public-sector customers. Our main services include the delivery and installation of various flooring solutions and floor materials as a turn-key package throughout Finland. Our objective is to provide the best quality and expertise in Finland in our field.

We deliver and install high-quality GTF Freese floor screeds for various applications including sites that are subjected to hard wear. Years of experience, top-quality materials, and diverse expertise make us an excellent and reliable partner. Read more about our references »

We have exclusive rights to import and sell the extremely durable WALA-Floor floor slabs that are of the highest quality and are perfect for public premises and industrial properties thanks to their many supreme qualities.

WALA-Eco-clip floor slabs are installed using an invisible clip system and are excellent for stores, fair facilities, and other sites that are subjected to hard wear. WALA floor slabs are made of durable PVC plastic and are available in various colours – you can even get them with your own logo!
Walastic adhesive floor slabs are water-tight and designed for various industrial premises and warehouses. They are resistant to oil and grease, and will withstand the weight of heavy machinery.

Our flooring installation services offer durable, safe, and ecological flooring solutions to schools and day care centres, warehouses, industrial premises, and other locations where extreme durability is required.
WALA floor slabs and GTF Freese floor screeds are designed for sites subjected to hard wear and are always installed with great care. Durable flooring material and high-quality installation support each other and ensure the long life-span of the floors.

GTF Freese floor screeds for ship decks are durable and stylish floorings for inner and outer decks. They are for the most part made of non-slipping and long-lasting polyurethane and epoxy. GTF Freese flooring is suited for a wide range of applications both at sea and ashore.
Our flooring service covers all work phases: design, delivery of flooring materials, installation, and finishing.