Heavy wear floors

Long-lasting floor solutions as a turn-key service

WALA-Floor floor slabs and GTF Freese floor screeds provide an extremely durable and functional floor solution for various applications including public premises, warehouses, industrial facilities, and fair premises. We deliver WALA-Eco-clip and WALAstic floor slabs and GTF Freese floor screed to companies, construction firms as well as private and public-sector customers throughout Finland.

We start each project with planning that is implemented together with the customer. Next, the agreed volume of WALA-Floor floor slabs or GTF Freese floor screed is ordered in the colour of the customer’s choice and, where applicable, printed with the company logo or other image or pattern.

The delivery is quick and is followed by efficient and careful installation. We will install floor slabs either as a floating floor or, if the floor is to be water-tight, with adhesive. Floor screed is spread and levelled accurately in accordance with the plan.

The possible applications of our flooring products include:


  • Stores and commercial premises
  • Public premises
  • Day care centres and schools
  • Entrance and lobby areas
  • Offices
  • Gyms and skiing centres
  • Industrial catering premises
  • Foodstuff and chemical industries
  • Fair and showroom premises
  • Workshops
  • Basements and warehouses
  • Medical centres
  • Hairdressing salons


  • Production facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Ice stadiums and their social and dressing premises
  • Workshops and machining shops
  • Large garages
  • Car repair shops
  • Farms
  • Animal shelters
  • Exhibition premises
  • Basements and warehouses

GTF Freese

  • Ship industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Public premises
  • Industry
  • Design floors
  • Unique floors
  • Offices
  • Production facilities
  • Halls and warehouses