GTF Freese

Ship deck coverings and flooring

Cancotronic Oy is an experienced supplier of various flooring solutions and floor deck coverings to the ship industry. Our involvement in the shipbuilding projects starts in the planning stage, when we help the customer choose the best flooring for each premise and application. We deliver and install the agreed floor materials accurately and finish the work with care. Our turn key service ensures that all floors in the ship are durable and carefully installed.

Our flooring selection for the ship industry mainly consists of GTF Freese floor deck coverings that are made of epoxy and polyurethane. The floors are also suited for use ashore. Read more about GTF Freese applications »

GTF Freese floor deck coverings for ships

G. Theodor Freese GmbH & Co. KG is a German family-owned company that was founded over a hundred years ago. The company is the leading manufacturer of ship flooring. The long cooperation partnership with GTF Freese reflects the high quality of our flooring services.

GTF Freese floor deck coverings are long-lasting and extremely durable and are used on outer and inner decks of ships. Epoxy and polyurethane floors offer several options including noise-insulating, non-slipping, decorative, and water-proof floors. The high durability and various surface options made GTF Freese suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications in ships including cabins, wet rooms, kitchen, night clubs, stores, balconies, sport tracks, helicopter field, and other deck areas.

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