Long-lasting PVC floors

Cancotronic Oy is the official importer, retailer, and installer of WALA-Floor floor slabs throughout the Finland authorised by German WALA Walter Landers GmbH. We offer our customers long-lasting and safe flooring solutions that are suited for all applications including public premises, medical centres, farm buildings, and machining shops.

WALA-Floor floors are known for their excellent durability. WALA floor slabs are made of a flexible and heat-insulating material, which makes the floor pleasant for standing work and public premises. In addition to being easy-to-maintain and hygienic, the floor is completely non-toxic and therefore perfect for day care centres and playgrounds. The non-slipping surface of the floor slabs increases their safety also: the floor is not slippery even when wet.

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WALA-Eco-clip is easy to install

WALA-Eco-clip floor slabs are installed as a floating floor. The easy-to-use and reliable clip system makes the floor quick and easy to install - and uninstall for example if used at fairs.

Through-coloured floor slabs are available in various colours and with a smooth, rough, and fine textured surface. The slabs can also be printed with the company or organization’s own logo or any other picture or pattern. Patterns can also be created by combining WALA-Eco-clip-floor slabs of different colours when the floor is installed.


WALAstic adhesive floor slabs are water-tight and are installed using hot or cold sealing. They are resistant to oil, grease, and chemicals, which ensures that they will not become stained. The floor slabs are made of recycled PVC plastic, which makes them ecological.

WALAstic flooring will withstand the weight of heavy machinery and are therefore also suited for machining shops and industrial facilities as well as for garages and farm buildings. Thanks to easy and quick installation, the floors can be installed without stopping production.